Christians United Ministries, Inc (CUMI)
Jan and Don Hicks CUMI Founders

By Staff Reporter

Since 1999, the founders of Christians United Ministries Inc. (CUMI), Don and Jan Hicks have helped to transform the lives of others through their Christ-centered ministry by providing prayer, life coaching, and counseling services. Don and Jan, along with a team of prayer ministers, counselors, and volunteers, offer various programs designed to reach out to and heal the emotionally and spiritually broken. Through the grace and will of God, the programs include a 12-week Crossing2Freedom class, available on several platforms, as well as weekend Freedom Conferences, individual counseling sessions, and other programs to promote inner healing. Jan’s book, Crossing2Freedom, A Healing Journey, promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual understanding and healing. Learning to recognize incorrect negative responses that keep us in bondage, along with discernment and application of the simple tools of repentance and forgiveness, will open our hearts to a life of “forgiving living” which will replace our “coping” mechanisms with a life of freedom. Through other programs such as Embrace, Authentic Manhood, and Grief Share, CUMI offers hope to those living in pain, doubt, or uncertainty. CUMI’s team aspires to see the lost saved, the broken healed, the spiritually destitute restored to the arms of the Father.

The heart of this ministry and one of the core beliefs is prayer. Nothing happens until we pray. Prayer is the key that unlocks the door to the throne room of God. Don and Jan’s desire is that every believer would draw into an intimate relationship with God, the Father.
CUMI is a believer-supported international ministry of prayer. #HeartsMatter – – Christians United Ministries, Inc (CUMI) – 251.241.9899 General Office – 774.567.0771 Appointments

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