He Remains

July 18, 2022


By LeeAnn Witzigman

“They will perish, but You remain; they will all wear out like a garment.” Hebrews 1:11

A few years ago, friends of the family lost everything in a house fire on the 4th of July. The tragedy prompted my husband to invest in a fireproof safe for our house. Knowing it would soon take up residence with us, I had been searching for and collecting things all week. Once we found the right place, Patrick called me over to check it out. I’d collected an armful of notebooks, sealed envelopes of love letters I’d written my children over the years, and precious original copies of prophetic words and Spirit-filled declarations. His face crinkled a bit because he was anticipating smaller, shinier, and more ‘valuable’ items; but those I do not own.

I peered into the safe, whispering a prayer that everything would fit, and I felt a door open deep in my heart. I squinted to see what was beyond the seen reality of this moment and I discovered there’s only one thing that truly remains and is safely kept inside us all. I saw the face of Jesus and realized in an instant that the Word I treasured the most was His. I felt Him reach out and hold those papers with His love written on them. They were like a banner waving and announcing His inheritance for me. He had sealed this moment for His glory. And then His Spirit surrounded me with a peace that gave assurance that no matter what happens to this physical storage unit, He alone will remind me of every word on every page.

The only thing the world can offer us is a replica of safety and security, but it’s just an illusion and a soul deception when we believe we can somehow control our lives and the possessions we tend to hold so dear. We live this truth out every single day and our culture displays the harsh reality of what happens when we put our trust in mankind, government, and religion. But, in our spirits, we understand that all things will wither and fade, except for what we have stored up in Heavenly places.

I pray that our lives would testify of the riches of knowing the One who is and is to come. May we walk in the radiance of His splendor and be saturated in love from the time spent in His presence. Let us surrender the comforts of this world, so that we may firmly hold onto the Father’s hand who has made a place for us in His home, where there’s no fireproofing, hoarding, or security codes – but eternal resource, divine provision, and a holy birthright.

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