About Eglaide Seiber Barroso

Eglaide Seiber Barroso is a Christian entrepreneur and life coach who uses her strong administration and people skills to help people from all walks of life to live their personal and professional dreams. Through her determined efforts and caring heart, she has contributed to many tangible improvements to society, developing numerous humanitarian and philanthropist projects. From1998 to 2014, she helped to eradicate labor trafficking and social injustice while promoting equality in the Gulf Coast workforce. She is a gifted communicator and problem solver, fluently speaking several different languages and connecting with individuals from every social and professional background. Her accomplishments as a writer, content editor, and publications developer reach beyond cultures and international borders. Since she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, she has devoted her life to work with community leaders, creating organizational and educational material designed to help their companies succeed. She believes that her purpose in life is to coach community leaders to improve their organization’s administration and personnel management, by focusing on biblical family principles. Her goals are to teach and develop biblical professional principles promoting a safe and loving environment in the workplace. At the present time, she is the Founder and Chief Editor of the Lighthouse News, and the Administrator of the Stitchin Post, a Christian based organization from where she leads a women’s Bible Study group and provides Christian life and professional consultations.

Eglaide Seiber Barroso

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