Nancy Lee Kilpatrick

My name is Nancy Lee Kilpatrick. I have been involved with ministry for most of my life starting at the age of 16 with a pre-school class in my local church. I’m also a self-motivated student with a huge library of books.

In the past 15 years however, my focus has narrowed down to basically the history of our nation, and the deliberate, active undercover attempt of politicians determined to undermine our constitution, destroy our freedoms, and bring us, as a nation, under socialism. And along with all of this, the Church which is supposed to hold the standard high has allowed this group to do their undercover destruction of the only truly free nation in the world, without any opposition. This is a travesty and unacceptable.

As a considerably older generation, I am appalled to know that I might leave this kind of chaos in our nation for my children and grandchildren to have to deal with. For that reason, I am passionate about ‘Waking up” and motivating the Church into action, and doing what I can to restore our Beautiful, Grand & Free America back to what our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

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