By: Nancy Kilpatrick

What a title for an article!  I chose to add another bedroom and walk in closet to my house a few years ago. For the first couple years I had a leaking roof periodically. I’d have it fixed, but it would leak again a few months later.  Finally, I had complete reroofing done that stopped the leak, and I quit being frustrated when it rained. A year later my daughter came to help me move some furniture and she discovered mold in the baseboard and told her husband.

A couple weeks later, my two sons and two son in law showed up at my house to rip out the molded areas and repair and paint. Needless to say, my house was a wreck for a couple weeks. All the furniture had been moved into the living room, the damaged areas on the wall removed, and replaced with new material.  I’ve been leak free ever since.

Why did I say all of this? What does this have to do with anything several years later? It is a perfect picture of what I’ve been learning since I had my eyes opened in 2008, and I began to study and investigate what is taking place in America.

As a country, we did not just wake up one day and discover that we have all the division in our country that we see and hear every day.  I can tell you, for sure, that America IS divided. Two parties, at opposite ends of the fight, one side fighting for liberty, freedom, constitutional rights, common sense, balanced budget. And the other side wanting to do away with everything our Founding Fathers and our ancestors fought and died for.

My personal terminology for that group is demonrats. Demonrats, meaning anyone who is actively promoting and upholding this trend to destroy our Constitutional Foundation regardless of what political party they support.  The fake news calls them “global elite”. The term “elite” according to the internet means: superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society. The truth is: they are narcissistic. Also, according to the Goggle search: a narcissistic individual must have at least five of the following qualities. 1. self-importance 2. entitlement 3. superior 4. arrogance 5. grandiose fantasies of success, power, beauty, or love 6. need for admiration and craving attention 7. using other people to reach their goals 8. lack of empathy 9. envying others or believing that other people envy them.  Surprised?  These Demonrats have all these traits. The news media is evidence of all nine of these traits coming from those who support this agenda of transforming America.

America needs a change, that is true, because these Demonrats have passed legislation in Washington DC to take over our schools, our health insurance and hospital personnel; they constantly attempt to take away our gun rights, and many other areas as well.  The constitution clearly states that the federal government has no authority that is not precisely stated in the Constitution, or the Constitution precisely denies the state to have control.  That limits what the Federal Government can do. It’s time we got back to Constitutional law and save America from these Demonrats.

The mold in Washington DC has been growing for several years. It’s time to rip out the baseboards and portions of the wall that has been damaged and get back to a safe America.  Our Great America,  where our kids can go to school without fear of armed intruders, where food is available for consumption without GMO so it can sit on the shelf a year before you buy it, where pharmaceuticals are purchased that did not come from a country that hates us, where Government actually protects us from terrorists coming across our southern border instead of stealing our God given rights that the Constitution actually guarantees us, and where our leaders have the common sense to know what a “woman” is.

Satan and 1/3 of the angels were thrown out of heaven because they rebelled against God. Today, we have these Demonrats trying to replace God. They are saying that what God made “good” in Genesis, like food, isn’t good enough. It needs to be genetically modified or hormones added to it.  A child born “male” can change to female and vice versa. They have legalized same sex marriage and sex change surgeries.  They have given teachers licenses to give hormone medication to students against parental knowledge and went so far as to say that parents rights end when a student enters the school building.

When God looked down on the world in Noah’s day, He saw the wickedness going on and He destroyed everything and everyone.  Scripture says that “as it was in the day of Noah, so will it be when He return to earth again.”

My question to Washington DC is this? Just how much more time do you think you can try to undo or redo God’s creation before He comes back and puts a stop to your agenda? I say, Let’s tear down the walls and the baseboards and rebuild Washington DC before it’s too late. Tony Perkins at Family Research Center in Washington, DC made this statement in a recent e-mail: “you and I know neither the President nor this Congress can revitalize the spiritual condition of our nation. Only a national repentance and a move of the Holy Spirit can restore our nation. The Biden administration’s domestic agenda is poisonous toward that end.”

It’s time for the Church and the Conservatives of this country to join hands and pray that God will intervene and bring our nation back to a Godly worldview and, Lord have mercy, let us install Constitutional law back into our government.  I implore every Pastor to step up and inform your congregation of the necessity to protect our Constitution, our Rights, our Children from the enemy that is attempting to destroy Freedom in our America.  It was God who gave us this country, and just as God instructed Adam to tend to the Garden of Eden, He expects us to tend to our Country.   God Bless those Pastors who are already active Shepherds over their sheep.  But shame on those Shepherds who are not.  You will be accountable one day.  The Scriptures are also very clear about those Shepherds who are not leading their sheep as He intended.

When you find a mold in your home, you must consider immediate actions for its removal.



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