Beholding A fulfilled Prophecy

By LeeAnn Witzigman

One of my favorite hours of the week is Tuesday morning prayer at my church. The sanctuary is empty and quiet, and the stillness magnifies the voice of my Father in His house. In August, I shared a word that resonated with my pastor, and she asked if I would speak it at the women’s conference a few weeks later. On that night, I stood before the royalty of Heaven and was completely overtaken by the Holy Spirit as I saw a prophecy being fulfilled right before my eyes. Every word of the vision I’d received was unfolding in front of me and it was a moment I could never forget. I live for the collision of God’s heart for the future and the exact second when it becomes our present reality.
I was reminded of this glorious moment when I thought about Mary holding Jesus for the first time. How overwhelming it must have been to behold every fulfilled prophecy about the coming Messiah. To feel Him breathing in His tranquil slumber and know it’s the breath of God. The wonder and privilege she had to look right into His eyes and call Him by His holy name. The kisses of a peasant girl soaking into the spirit of the Prince of Peace. The lullaby she hummed in His ear on his first night being recorded deep inside Him to be played again during His last night. And the capacity of her growing heart filling at a rapid pace, full of the splendor of these sacred moments she’d spend the rest of her life pondering.
How I wish I was there on that night in Bethlehem.
But I wasn’t. I’m here. And much like Mary, I’m living out the fulfilled prophecies of my time and trusting God that there are millions more I have yet to witness with Him. Every time we delicately steward the word of God and partner with what He has spoken over our lives, we position ourselves to have a moment like Mary did …where a window of Heaven opens right where we are, and we see Jesus face to face.



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