Brazilian Democracy Is in Danger

By Carlos De Miranda

Leftist parties and the Supreme Court, with the support of the great media, are plotting to impeach President Bolsonaro and reinstate Socialism/Communism.

Since President Jair Messias Bolsonaro was elected in 2018, the way political issues were conducted in Brazil have changed significantly.

President Bolsonaro main commitment on his first term has been eradicating the systematic corruption implemented by the socialist governments that preceded him.  This has been a herculean task.

Besides his daily fight against corruption and its incommensurable embezzlement of federal funds, President Bolsonaro has resumed numerous infrastructural public works in benefit of the population, especially in the northeastern region.

The leftists have lost their main source of income that helped them to perpetuate themselves in the government.  This has caused an extreme reaction.  They’ve initiated a worldwide campaign against President Bolsonaro, disseminating fake news and accusing him of many things, in the attempt to impeach him and make him ineligible in the next presidential elections.

One of the major ongoing issue is Covid-19.  This health issue has been treated politically, which has taken thousands of Brazilians’ lives.  The Supreme Court has determined that any actions were the responsibility of the States and Cities, prohibiting the federal government from interfering in the governors’ and mayors’ decisions.  Most of them have taken this opportunity to deviate public funds destined for equipment and medication to help in the treatment of the pandemic.  Some used the funds to cover the delayed payroll of civil servants.  Some purchased overpriced equipment and took the difference as bribes.

Now, the Senate’s left wing, in an attempt to blame President Bolsonaro for the death toll, created a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, where members of the Executive are intimidated to give false testimony against him.

Jose Dirceu, one of the main mentors of the Socialism/Communism implementation in Brazil, said: “We will take the power back, which has nothing to do with winning an election!”.

The leftists use all the Marxist strategies to regain the power in Brazil.  Because their source of income from bribes has practically ended, they are now partnering with the Chinese Communist Party, who is sponsoring most of their activism.

The leftists also count on the accessory of a partial and corrupt Supreme Court.  Nine out of eleven justices have been nominated by socialist former presidents. The Federal Constitution has been continuously vilified by those who are supposed to defend it. On top of that, the House of Representatives and the Senate systematically oppose any bills presented by the Executive that will reestablish order to the country.  It’s not just a matter of voting it out. The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate simply don’t bring them to the plenary for vote.

The fact is that the leftists are using all legal and illegal means to bring Socialism/Communism back to Brazil.  The checks and balances are in jeopardy.

On September 7th, Brazil celebrates its Independence Day.  There will be a gigantic manifestation countrywide in favor of freedom.  It will be a landmark in Brazilian history.  Let’s hope that justice prevails.


Carlos de MirandaCarlos de Miranda was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in 1954.

He is married to Suzana de Miranda since 1982. Together they have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. He graduated in Social Communications in1976 from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica and moved to USA in 1999. He became an American Citizen in 2010.

Carlos is a soccer fan and he enjoys good movies.

His dream is to see his grandchildren to grow in a free and peaceful world,  where God, family values and fairness  are the main values.

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