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COVID-19 – Hijacking the Land of the Free – Handcuffing the hands of the brave

COVID-19 - Hijacking the Land of the Free - Handcuffing the hands of the brave

By Eglaide Seiber Barroso

The terrorist attack on September 11th of 2001 happened 20 years ago, but the horrific memories are alive in everyone’s memories. No matter where you were in the country or elsewhere on the globe, the images of that horrific moment marked a time when America and the world would change forever.

Who can ever forget the images of people falling to their death from the twin towers? Who can forget the thick dark dust that covered the main streets of New York City, and the faces of people running in complete despair? Who can ever forget the images of an airplane hitting the second tower, the attack on the Pentagon, and the twin towers falling as a pile of steel rubble?

The country was shut down almost immediately. All airports, government facilities, and schools. We were under siege. The government raised the nation’s terror alert to Code Red, the highest threat level for terrorism.

Twenty years later, as we revisit these tragic events to celebrate and honor the heroes of 9/11 and pause for a moment in respect for the loss of thousands of innocent lives at ground zero, we also think of the lives lost in the last twenty years in the war fought in Afghanistan. We do it under the oppressive dark clouds of the COVID-19 pandemic, and under the oppression and shame brought by weak government leaders, whose agenda to destroy America’s Christian values will stop at no cost.

September 11th of 2001 has changed the way we live, but we were a nation still united in prayer. Our roar for justice began with people freely running to the churches to pray. To seek God’s face and His wisdom. Now with the new administration in the White House, we have lost our freedom to pray, to speak and to be who we are as a Christian nation. Now, we are not fighting a foreign enemy because our battle is fought with the country’s progressive democratic mindset, supported by the national media and big tech companies, whose ideology is to see the USA under the claws of communism.

The restrictions and mandates imposed on the American people under the COVID-19 pandemic, threaten our constitutional rights, our freedom to pray in public arenas and our choice to teach our children and grandchildren godly family values. We are called racists and homophobes for holding dear to our hearts, our Christian family values, but the people who are dividing us as a nation are using our skin color, religious preferences, and sexual orientation as the main message in their “Build Back Better” campaign slogan.

The reasoning behind this campaign slogan is then laughable. As a nation, we cannot correct our past mistakes by beating our backs or trying to erase by destroying our historical sites. We always rebuild from where we are, choosing to make changes that will take us as a united nation to become stronger, powerful, respected, trustworthy and an example to the world. Rebuilding our nation cannot be accomplished with the lack of God’s Word being taught in the schools and in public places, nor by us allowing our children to be brain washed being taught to hate their own country, to think of themselves as the oppressor and of America as “The great Satan”.

Let’s pray that we continue to be a United Nation under God, living with Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, with Justice for ALL.

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