January 3, 2022


By Nancy Kilpatrick

Are you a chess player or have your chess mates grown up with families of their own, like mine have? Chess is only a fond memory. As I was watching the news this past week, I was impressed with the thought that our nation is like this chess board with two players: on one side is the Democrats; on other side is the Republicans. I heard in my spirit that dreadful challenge: CHECKMATE!!
In this scenario, we are all players in this game of chess. You’re either on one side or the other, and in our world today it’s either the Good side or the Evil side because we are in a battle for the soul of a nation. Our Founding Fathers, put their life on the line to develop a free nation with a Constitution that would preserve our freedoms for all future generations. Most of us have family members down through the years that have been part of our military to protect our freedoms; many paying the ultimate sacrifice for us.
The goal of the game is to protect the king; the ‘king’ in this scenario is our Constitution and our American way of life. Every board piece moves in different ways, they each have their own moves to make. But when the king becomes vulnerable, the opposing team calls “checkmate.” You have one opportunity to find a move to save the king.
While listening to Michelle Bachman a month ago, she said that while Washington will not tell you this and our media will not divulge this truth: everything that needs to happen to consider a country under a “coup” has already happened to America, starting with the fraud of our election. We are being governed by a coup. We have a group of people on the left that are determined to transform our nation and they do that by ignoring, bypassing our Constitution and Amendments. They have challenged our side with “checkmate.”
We have one more opportunity to protect our ‘king.’ Our government is to be run by We, the people. We, the people doesn’t mean our Senate and our House of Representatives. It means We, the citizens, the legal voters of this country. If our Senate and House do not keep their word and protect our ‘king’ it is our responsibility to vote them out. It’s imperative that we be united as one to do this.
First: keep our nation in prayer. Secondly, be registered to vote and go to the polls. Thirdly, stay informed: go to GOP meetings, Common Sense Campaign meetings, school board meetings. This is a battle for our children and the soul of our Nation.
One of our Founding Fathers made the statement that if Washington is not being run the way we want, it’s because we tolerate it. And to change it, we must demand that they get it right, and you do that at the polls.

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