Colossians 1:24–29 – Colossians 1:24-29: Christ in You the Hope of Glory.

By: Jeff Sutherland

Often at Christmas you will see two things or feel two things that seem to have nothing to do with each other. But they do. You have seen the eyes of a child light up when they get their first bike, or you remember that joy when you got that first bike. But if you help others at Christmas, through a mission or some other ministry, you may also see real sadness. In fact, you may have been there yourself. You miss your parents, your child, or something else that really mattered to you.

On Christmas 1952, my Father lost his Mother. He had just gotten married to my Mother, but the hurt affected him greatly every year at Christmas. In 1954 their first daughter brightened Christmas by being able to give to her and see her joy at all the gifts. Their first son was to be born mid-March 1959, but he showed up on Christmas Day 1958. The years that followed began turning my Father’s depression at Christmas into joy. I was that early arrival. Eleven years later my brother was born, and Christmas’ became a time of love, joy, and tradition.

So, if you have a bad memory at Christmas, if the joyful time becomes a time of mourning, if you didn’t get what you wanted, what do you do? Focus on others. Focus on giving. Focus on helping. Turn your focus off yourself and your bad memories and sadness by being there for others and encouraging them.

Every Christmas since my wife and I have been married, we have followed the tradition that her family started at her birth. On Christmas night they would sit down as family and before opening any gifts, they would read the story from Luke 2 of the best gift of all time. God sent His Son, as a baby in a manger, to grow and die for us, taking our debt of sin on His shoulders.

If you are alone at Christmas and focus on those who are no longer with you, bitter, angry, hurt, depressed, follow Christ’s example. He left His Father in heaven to do something amazing for others, humbling himself and focusing on our greatest need: Salvation. You know others in need. You know others alone at Christmas. You know those who have not heard this story of the Christ child.   Refocus. Share the joy. HOME | Fortmorgan (

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