By Eglaide Seiber

This poem honors the life of our beloved friend King

Golden Eyes King, white angel full of grace,
Watching every move I make
I still sense you standing by
Never departing my wounded sad soul
Still looking for answers and asking God, “Why?”

Your peaceful white presence
Always gave me so much joy
As an angel, you watched me close
As a friend, you always stood by

Where will I find you now that you’ve gone?
When I long for your watchful and loving golden eyes
Oh, I hurt for the times I didn’t hug you
And the busy times, I shut you away

I hurt for the times I ignored your gentle white presence
Following me around, watching me, and hoping
That I would just turn, say hi, or play.

A king following me as only a loyal servant can do
Your beautiful, peaceful, white presence will never die
Because you taught me how to truly love you
White angel with golden loving eyes



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