Mansoor Pirzada is a Web and Graphic Designer with over 15 years’ experience in paper print and digital design. His family comes from 40 years of successful printing business located in Daharki – Pakistan. His entrepreneurial spirit is led by his passion to be the best in the services he provides to his customers, and the heart desire to see his work as an art piece. His attention to details and abilities to keep up with an ever-changing technologic world makes him an asset to any company who desires excellence on their marketing packages and portfolios. He is the web and graphic designer for The Lighthouse News on hardcopy and online. He is from Daharki Sindh – Pakistan.

His native language is Sindhi. He earned his master’s degree in Business Administration and has taken courses to learn web and graphic design, while he was helping with his family business. In May of 2014, he decided to have his own business by stepping into the world of freelancing. His efforts paid off because of his hard work, godly business ethics, and the heart to serve the needs of the global community. He is married with Sadaf Pirzada and together they have four wonderful children.

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