Never Forget

July 18, 2022

By Staff Reporter

Holocaust Remembrance day is from sunset April 27 to nightfall April 28. This special day is for us to remember the German’s killing of six million Jews, yet many events were cancelled because of low attendance. The Jewish day always ran from sunset to sunset and so the remembrance does too. The date of liberation of the last concentration camp at Auschwitz was January 27th, 1945. Remember this too, Hitler was voted in by a Democratic election. The people thought him to be a good and wise leader. Most around the world, and in Germany didn’t discover about the killings until after the war. The news was there, but people didn’t believe it.

Personally, I knew only one man who was held in a Jewish death camp. Osburn Flener was beaten so bad that his organs were no longer  in the right place, his ribs cracked, his walk and his breathing painful, yet his focus was always on helping others. I never heard him complain.

Those who went through these terrible days are gone now and the next generation is working to change history, saying that the holocaust never happened. This has happened before.

Joshua when leading Israel into the promised land told twelve leaders, one from each tribe to put a large stone in the Jordan River so generations to come would always remember what God did, Joshua 4. He told them to remind their children and children’s children to remember God bringing them out of slavery, God parting the Red Sea, God feeding them in the wilderness and God bringing them into the promised land. Yet as soon as Joshua died, and that generation with him, the children of Israel forgot God and worshipped other unknown gods, Judges 2:8-15.

If we so quickly forget what can happen when one charismatic leader says one thing and does another, we too will be led by someone who will quickly continue our journey away from the truth and into lies. If we take our eyes off God and turn to gods or our own making, we could find ourselves in new death camps, or worse. We must never forget.

If you wonder how a loving God could allow the killing of 6,000,000 of His chosen people, contact us at HOME | Fortmorgan ( .


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