By: Nancy Kilpatrick |

Have you heard the saying, “If I’d known how much fun the grandkids would be, I would have had them first?”  I am blessed with grandchildren who have inherited my heart for ministry and missions.

Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren today have an enemy that is determined to destroy a generation. If he cannot kill them in the womb, he will attempt to destroy them through our school system or take their life through drugs or school shootings.

We have been successful in overturning Roe vs Wade, but that has only made it possible for the states to take steps to protect the unborn. Consumers need to know that big corporations like Amazon and Starbucks are willing to pay all travel expenses for employees to have an abortion in another state. It is cheaper than paying for benefits such as medical insurance and sick days for parents with children.

Our schools are indoctrinating our children with critical race theory, transgender, and pornographic sex education as though these lifestyles are healthy, acceptable, and normal and should be their choice with or without their parents’ approval. They can be Sally at home and Johnny at school without parental knowledge. Some schools are providing access to hormone altering pills.

Our students today are going to school, not knowing if they will make it back home alive. There have been 119 school shootings in past four years, twenty-seven of them this year – 2022. It is no surprise that 20% of our teens have seriously considered suicide and 60% of them are drinking alcohol.

I asked myself, what is going on here? Who is to blame for this? How do we change this unacceptable environment for our kids?

I look at statistics. On May 10, 2022, a poll released from a Christian University in which they interviewed one thousand Christian pastors revealed that only 37% had a Biblical worldview. Of that 370, 41% were senior pastors and 12% were children/youth pastors. This shows that only forty-four out of 1000 pastors are teaching truth to our children and youth.  No wonder only 2% of our children in our schools have any knowledge of the Bible. Where is the church? When will the church wake up? Did He not tell us to “make disciples?”

George Barna, statistician said that “the culture is influencing the American church more than the Christian church is influencing the culture.”

I challenge everyone reading this to get involved in one way or another to preserve our American Christian values. You can be a part of making our country safe again for our children. How can you do that? There are several ways:  Vote out those senators that do not support our values, run for school board or other community positions, get involved with your local school and city meetings to stay informed.

Another opportunity is “Truth for Youth” Bibles you can give to students in our schools. You can get a case of 50 for a youth group to pass out for $200 +S&H or 1-49 Bibles for $3.00 each.

Their project every September is to reach their goal; this year is 65,000. Order online at: or call 1-800-733-4737. These Bibles are available through Tim Todd at Revival Fires Ministry. Together we can bring back a strong educational standard for children and safe communities and schools for them to grow up in.

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