October 3, 2021

My memories from Cambodia

I was 9 years old when I experienced the fall of Cambodia into the Communism.  Before the fall, there were riots, protests burned flags, etc. Like we are experiencing right now. The liberals and the left wanted so bad to follow the Marxism, the Mao’s, the Stalin’s, and the Hitler’s theories. Well, they got their wish!  After the fall, all our belongings such as cars, houses, lands, etc. were taken away by the new government —the Pol Pot’s and AKA Khmer Rouge regime.  Well, you know the rest of what was happening to Cambodia after the fall of 1975.  My family and I lived through and survived the ordeal for 3 1/2 years. We escaped from the communist regime to live in our free country—the United States of America to pursue the Americans’ dream in 1980. Forty-four years (44) later, I’ve never thought I’d have experienced and re-lived the same nightmare all over again.  To all the young liberals, kiss your iPhone, iPad, and precious items goodbye. You’ll never see those items again when America becomes a communist and socialist country.

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