By Staff Reporter

The tough subjects of depression and suicide are difficult to discuss and address. Billy and Tamela Fronabarger have a heart for the mission of helping people who are struggling in these areas. They travelled with their young children from Illinois in 2016 for the specific purpose of planting a church on the Gulf Coast. They had successfully started a church in Illinois, but soon after starting to lay groundwork in the new location, they both faced many trials and tribulations, both personally and physically. By the spring of 2018 Billy describes himself as “broken”. It was that fall when Billy experienced a revelation realizing that in general the church (which is “the people”) was not effectively offering hope to those in need of help. When asking the question: “What is your church doing to offer help in the areas of depression and suicide”, most would answer, “Oh, I think our Pastor does a great job”. The Bible promises if we believe and trust the Lord, He equips his people to go out and preach The Good News. (Mark 16:15-18; Mark 13:11; John 16:13). This is what birthed The Cove, A Ministry of Hope.
The Cove Ministry offers: a Listening Ear (James 1:19), an Encouraging Word (Ephesians 4:29), an Enduring Friendship (Proverbs 17:17) and a Lasting Hope (Hebrews 6:19). They are not professionals, but people who know what it is like to struggle with depression. They are available to talk anytime if a caller is having a hard day. They believe and profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the central message that offers hope to those in need. They know that suffering is part of the Christian life and believe God gives us to one another to walk together through the dark times. The Ministry is the epitome of people truly caring about individuals. They strive to build friendships and become a trustworthy connection point between others and Christ, hopefully making more disciples.
The Fronabargers desire “to see churches minister to people more effectively and serve in partnership as liaisons to the community to create more awareness”. The Cove Ministry would love to come into churches to speak during worship times to share their story, and especially to create awareness in this crucial, often ignored area of life.

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