The Potter

September 23, 2021

The Potter

By LeeAnn Witzigman – Pearls & Presence

In the twilight hours a candle burns inside a workshop on the edge of time. From the outside looking in dust clouds create a haze in the doorway and shadows dance upon the ground. He has no concern for the day or the hour – only for the dirt in His hands. He breathes upon it and a cascade of living water pours out to soak every particle. He gently places the clay on top of His worktable and whispers her name.

As He kneads and rolls, a figure begins to take shape and He nods in agreement with what has been spoken over her life. Every word of His will for her becomes a holy landmark and a designated location where He deposits just what she’ll need to glorify Him. He sculpts her face and places an indent in her chin – the very spot her praying hands will rest over and over. He carves out a canyon in her ears which will hold the secrets of Heaven and receive His voice however He chooses to speak. Upon her tongue, He imprints a love language that only He will be able to understand and fully enjoy. He builds a chamber of praise deep within that will rival every other sound she tries to make for the world around her. Someday she will discern that her praises are the most beautiful echo, because they vibrate directly from the heart of her Creator, and they are always accompanied by a chorus of angels. He traces her lips with grace and humility and sets a Spirit defender to protect what He has locked in her heart.

He continues to sculpt and covers an area with His hand. From the softness, a delicate hand emerges and intertwines fingers with His. As His hand rises, His fingertips have embedded His mark directly onto the surface of hers. He extends the length of her fingers knowing that she’ll reach for him in desperation and the distance between them will be shorter because of it. One inch on the ruler of Heaven is the difference between death and eternal life. He folds compassion into every bend of her arms, trusting she’ll use them to embrace His children and carry them back home. As He rounds out her empty womb, He fills it with wild dreams and caresses the place where a birthing scar will be left as the evidence of His double blessing. He draws a map all over her legs and endorses the extravagant path she will take to leave His presence lingering in places long after she’s departed. When He crafts her feet, He washes them in love. He commissions the steps they will take and gives marching orders to reach as many people and as many places for the honor of His hallowed name.

At last, He holds her heart and takes His time tucking Himself into every corner, crevice, and pulsing place. Somehow, in some supernatural way, He fits perfectly. He begins to speak, and the beating rhythm of His beautiful voice causes her to come alive. As she matures, she starts a conversation with Him that never falls silent. And as the seasons come and go, she notices that He inhabits not just her heart, but her words, her spirit, and her praise. So, she refills the oil night after night that fuels the flame, drawing the Potter ever closer as He steadily works with His beloved clay.


LeeAnn WitzigmanLeeAnn Witzigman lives with her husband, Patrick, and five wonderful children in Cumming, Georgia. She enjoys being a mom and is co-author of Pearls & Presence, a Facebook page dedicated to offering articles and devotionals that speak God’s truth and give the encouragement of Jesus Christ to readers. She is passionate about writing of the beauty of God’s love and living her life in the Spirit.
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