What is a Financial Coach

By Jay Snyder

What is a Financial Coach? Financial Coaches work with clients to get to the root of financial behaviors and patterns so they can make wise money decisions. A coach can help you unearth what drives your financial decisions, so you can create a healthier attitude that leads to better money habits as well as help you develop strategies to assist you in taking charge of your finances and achieve your financial goals.
I love helping people eliminate their stress and anxiety over finances. Listen to what the Bible says:

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds, Proverbs 27:23

Most of us don’t have flocks or herds today, but good stewardship is accomplished through knowing the condition of your finances and provisions. I want to provoke your thoughts with the basic foundation of money management – a budget! That word scares so many people! A budget is not a waste of time. It is not a way to control your spouse’s spending. It is not a tool to provide additional arguments and strife within your family. Change your perspective. Let’s call it a “Resource Allocation Forecast.” A budget is simply a plan that you create to allocate your resources (income) where you choose it to go to meet your financial goals. Household tension is reduced when you have necessary provision when needed. A budget will expand your freedom to enjoy life, not restrict it. It helps you live within your means and avoid going into the trap of debt.

When you take a long road trip, you open up your maps app, punch in your current location and your destination and the app shows you the route to your destination. That is exactly what a budget accomplishes. You set your goals, determine where you are currently, and the budget is your roadmap to achieve those goals. You take charge, you make your choices! Financial freedom can be yours!

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