By Jeff Sutherland

Jesus when teaching us to love God, and love our neighbor, included a group of Jews and Gentiles who both hated the Samaritans. In fact, He told the story of the ‘good’ Samaritan, teaching us to go beyond just ‘feeling’ love to doing love, then He took it one step further, love your enemies.

There is a new group out that blasts conservatives, fundamentalists, constitutioners, all Republicans and anyone who thinks, says or does anything against what they believe. Their catch phrase is, ‘Love your neighbor, no exceptions.’ They call themselves, Faithful America. Then they point to half the country or more who they hate, want to banish, deny, silence, fire, and destroy. On their website you can sign petitions to shut conservative America up permanently.

So, their main statement should say, love your neighbors, only the ones that agree with you. But Jesus challenged us to love our enemies. Why?

If we are really going to engage in culture, if we are to have a real impact, loving our enemies shadows the love of Jesus. Jesus didn’t squash what the Pharisees said and did but confronted them with the truth. Jesus didn’t ignore the prostitutes, the tax collectors, and the lepers, He embraced them and shared the truth with them.

The result wasn’t universal love for Jesus but universal hate, except those He called. And even among the called, there was Judas with a plan and a purpose, which God used for His good and His glory.

Faithful America says they want to change hearts, so everyone is loved, meaning those they choose to love, people who embrace abortion, transgenderism, ‘real’ democracy.

They want to inspire and compel people to believe that media groups like One America Network (OAN), Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, political groups like conservatives and Republicans, historical groups like the founding fathers, Wall Builders, church groups like, Catholics, Baptists, evangelicals, and anyone who believes in the truth of the Bible are all heretics and must be banned from our society.

They side with BLM, Antifa, and others who want to subvert the US Constitution by federalizing elections. They agree with those who say ‘real’ science is climate change, vaccinations, masking, and most of psychology. They buy into the science that there are as many as 1200 genders. They support LBGTQ+ policies that insist LBGT people should be pastors, and leaders of the church.

They agree that all roads lead to heaven, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist even atheist will happily be there for there is no hell, no real sin, except to disagree with their thinking. True biblical Christianity and its followers must be dismissed entirely.

In contrast the American Family Association sponsors Faith For America | Bringing About Change Through The Word of Jesus Christ. Compare both organizations with the truth of the Word. For further insight, go to and ask for material on what real love looks like.

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