By Fran Gardner Mora / Pearls & Presence

On the very first day of creation, God commanded that there be light, and He separated night from day. He set into motion a situation with a clearly defined dichotomy: darkness and illumination. And we know that this was the stage of the spiritual world because, at this point, only spiritual beings existed. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the opposing forces. It wasn’t until the fourth day that a physical source for the light was created; the sun was placed in the sky to govern the day and the moon and stars to give light in the night. So, on Day 6, we enter the scene as we are placed in a physical world that has a firmly established spiritual realm of both divine radiance and dangerous darkness. And that is the world in which we struggle today.

We are challenged on all sides by corruption, invasive contagions, depravity, lawlessness, immorality, and all manner of ungodly behaviors. We are continually attacked by the enemy and threatened by authorities – but we are not weak or abandoned in our distress. Believers may not be completely exempt from fear and manipulation tactics, or from illness, crime, and financial peril, but we have a powerful weapon against them. We have hope in our resurrected Savior. This hope is a commodity that can be exchanged for what we need to be victorious in the trials of life. It’s a byproduct of the blood covenant we have with Jesus, and it secures a treasure trove of resources that not only get us through the valleys but infuse our hearts with joy and gladness as we fight in the trenches.

When you hear that “normal” is never going to return, remember that Jesus will, and that’s what we are really waiting for. When you are frustrated because decisions are taken out of your hands and personal freedoms are denied, remember that the Truth has set you free, and you are free indeed. When the world is feeding you lies and deception, remember that God’s Word nourishes your soul and provides a roadmap for righteousness that applies to every difficulty you face. We have everything we need to thrive in God’s glory.

From the beginning of our existence, Jesus has been lighting our way and dispelling the darkness. He has turned our mourning into dancing and given us crowns of beauty for ashes. He loves us and goes before us in every battle. He celebrates our triumphs, restores us, and gives us rest.

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