Father’s Day

March 25, 2022

By Jim Curtis

I grew up in a family where my mother and father are Greeks. Greek families are loud and passionate. Passion can be used as a positive influence on the life of a child. Father in the Greek language is translated as “a nourisher or an upholder.” Fathers who give of themselves sacrificially represent the models for the little ones who are watching, listening and catching the example of how to live. Some of the most powerful lessons that children can learn are lessons without words that are spoken. We often mimic what we see and that is how we are taught. We are taught what we caught as a child. Nourishment to a life is drawn deep in the early years of the child.

Dads can influence and show the way how to live through their actions, attitudes and the little things that they do around the observation of others. How often does a child think I wish I could talk to my father and ask questions. How do I know what I should be when I grow up? How do you know what is the right choice to make and not choose the wrong path? How to be successful within relationships? Fathers have the knowledge, wisdom and experience that can guide and protect and even nurture a young life. Just having someone to talk to that will listen, understand and uphold you in a father can be so needful and positive for a life.

Fathers, your life speaks clearly and loudly to those who are watching you. Your passion in life is an important lesson to children. You are a model for others of how to live righteously and good. Children need to be able to ask for advice and wisdom. Nurture that in your family. At first it may be awkward but it is worthwhile to attain that goal of fatherhood. “Pater” in the Greek New Testament Bible means to be a nurturer. Ask your heavenly father for his help, for his is the model for all fathers.

Connect Church

By Jim CurtisJim and Tondi Curtis are the senior pastors with a vision to raise up a new church “To Walk in God’s Love and Give it Away!” They have been pastors for over 40 years in Minnesota, Oklahoma and even in Santiago, Chile, South America. Jim has planted 6 churches. God has inspired and led them to move here and plant Connect Church and they are searching the Lord for revival. If you are a person who feels to be a part of and help plant a church using your gifts and talents then we welcome you to be a part of something that the Lord is doing in the South Baldwin County area.


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