March 25, 2022

By LeeAnn Witzigman

Recently I had a dream about a greenhouse. In the dream, my parents called us to say they’d found a church we’d love and to meet them there. They gave no directions and told us we’d know when we found it. As we were driving around, we passed what looked like a church (A-frame building with a steeple), but it was made entirely of glass. We pulled back around, parked, and walked inside. The fragrance of life was overwhelming, and it fogged all the windows of the atrium. I immediately noticed there wasn’t a single plant inside – just people who were truly in full-bloom with the Holy Spirit. In the corner of the room, I noticed ushers bringing people into a stairwell which led to a sanctuary that was out of sight. But, I couldn’t move past the front doors, because the discovery of this holy place begged me to take my time and let my spiritual senses linger. The aroma and mist of Heaven was still upon me as I woke up.

I couldn’t shake the dream and it continued to invade my thoughts all day. I realized that I’d never seen a greenhouse, much less ventured inside of one, so I looked them up online and the most captivating fact about their success is that they never let the warmth escape. The controlled temperature is the reason why life inside explodes and thrives.

The next evening, I was saying bedtime prayers with my youngest daughter and while I was speaking, she squeezed her little prayer hands inside of my folded hands and said, “so warm.” Her soft words breathed over the sanctuary structure of my heart.

I believe the mother-heart of God is to be a greenhouse for His children. A shelter in which you can supernaturally progress because He has flooded the space with His glorious warmth. The Eden of the Old Testament is now alive inside of us and He has given us tender hands to nurture souls and sensitive hearts to love and care for brokenness. He is trusting that we will let Him control the temperature of all we say and do. He has crafted a sacred place within where the fire of His holiness never burns out and is transferred to those He ushers through our open gates.

Mothering in partnership with the Holy Spirit has exponentially blessed my family. I can say in truth, that all my endeavors to be a mother who reflects God to my own children, and countless spiritual children, have failed in the flesh, but when I surrendered my heart, He placed in me His greenhouse of lush promises and living power.

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