CHAIRMAN AND FOUNDER PASTOR ANWAR FAZAL.Isaac TelevisionEternal with his beloved wife Nida Anwar

God directly spoke to Pastor Anwar Fazal to start Eternal Life Ministry in 2001 and this Ministry was born with the God given verse of John 3: 16 ″ FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVE IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.”

With humble beginnings, Anwar began the ministry with only four people and God began manifesting himself through him with mighty signs and wonders. The ministry grew exponentially and by the grace of God, he has the largest congregation in Pakistan of more than 30,000 people. Millions of people have experienced healings from various diseases and physical ailments, resulting in an unprecedented number of deliverances and salvations. Pastor Anwar Fazal, is a humble man of God who faithfully carries out the call the Lord has laid upon his heart along with CHAIRMAN AND FOUNDER PASTOR ANWAR FAZAL.Isaac TelevisionEternal Life Ministries.

His Christ like behavior is winning souls and advancing the kingdom of heaven in many countries. Over the years, his prayer festivals have been used to touch millions of people with the largest attendance of 1.4 million people in Pakistan. In 2006 the Lord spoke to Anwar to start a Christian television station. Anwar being a faithful servant of God, took a bold step of faith and launched “ISAAC TELEVISION” the first Christian satellite television station in Pakistan. The slogan for ISAAC TV is “Hope for the Nation” and has given that very hope to Christians and non-Christians alike. Isaac television broadcasts to more than 70 countries throughout Asia, middle east, and many other unreached areas.

Recently, Pastor Anwar Fazal has started a channel named “Eternal Life Television Network” which is on apstar 7 satellite and galaxy sat 19 satellite. Eternal Life Television is an English-speaking channel reaching America, Canada, Europe, Africa and many other countries. The channel broadcasts very powerful and anointed preachers with teachings, worship songs and children’s programs. Eternal life television network is winning souls, changing lives and expanding the kingdom of God.

Pakistan Address: 76/, Street #5، Modern Colony, Lahore, Punjab


PHONE NO: Pakistan:+92-300-4397371 – USA:1 (234)-900-51TV

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