By: Eglaide Seiber Barroso

Let me introduce you to my God-given Pakistani Family. This is Alishba. Her real name is Zoya Amna Pirzada. Her family gave her the nickname Alishba because it is a Muslim name meaning sweet and innocent girl. According to a Google search, the name Alishba originated from the number five, which is the number of God’s Grace. She is 13 years old now. Alishba was born with a physical condition that keeps her from living a normal life. She is the first daughter of Mansoor and Sadaf Pirzada. Together they have three other children, Falak, Ayan, and Abeeha, ages 12, 10, and 4. They live in the small town of Daharki, Sindh, Pakistan.

Alishba was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after her birth, where she survived. She was doing good, but at the age of two years old, she had a high fever with uncontrolled epileptic seizures. After receiving first aid, she was rushed to a hospital that was a three-hour drive away from her home. An expert pediatrician, Dr. Ghulam Rasool Booq, admitted her to an ICU, where she survived again. Her parents started getting Alishba checked for medical treatment by different doctors who diagnosed her with Cerebral Palsy. Now Alishba cannot see, walk, talk, or sit. Doctors in Pakistan have not shown any hope for her improvement and treatment except for physiotherapy, which is getting more difficult as she grows.

Over three years ago, I talked to Mansoor about developing a full-color, eight-page hard copy of The Lighthouse News. I knew about his professional skills as a graphic designer, website developer, and marketing packages designer through a professional acquaintance. Our relationship developed from a business relationship to a close friendship, a Lighthouse News family member, and a spiritual son to me. Since then, we have become close to each other’s families talking and chatting daily, sharing our families’ pictures, live events, dreams, trials, and victories. Mansoor is a loving son, husband, father, and true friend. He has an open and tender heart from where love, dedication, and loyalty flow abundantly in whatever he does.

I learned what real unconditional love is by watching him and Sadaf’s dedication to Alishba. They are continually trying to find medical options for Alishba’s special needs, hoping that her life condition can improve. On live videos, I watch him interreact with all his children and his beautiful wife, Sadaf. Mansoor works very hard to provide a secure and quality life for his family. He is a great professional with high principles and determination to provide a masterpiece for every work order he receives from his customers.

The Lighthouse News wouldn’t be celebrating two years of quality, professional publishing on paper and online if Mansoor hadn’t joined us in our dream of becoming a light in this world. He does his part with his heart and the faith that there is a bigger purpose in life than to run after the almighty dollar. After all, The Lighthouse team is made of Christian writers who donate their skills and time to share God’s light, love, and goodness to a dark and broken world. Everything is done completely by faith that God provides for his children. We have accomplished much through the love, dedication, and commitment of our voluntary team. In that love, we have become a family, knitted by the desire to serve each other and our local, nationwide, and global communities.

The heart of this publication ministry is to be a platform from where we become the hands and feet of God to one another as a godly family does. Nothing can be done without the love of God in our hearts and the desire to be the change in the world around us. Therefore, with this servant’s heart, hope, and faith, I am asking everyone reading about Alishba’s condition to reach out to Mansoor with the purpose of aiding him in finding the medical treatment his beautiful daughter, Alishba, needs.

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To contact Mansoor Pirzada, email him:

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