By Nancy Kilpatrick

One of our most important holidays, Independence Day – July 4th, is here.  I have chosen to rank July 4th our third most important holiday, behind Christmas and Easter which I pair together as number one because they represent our Christian faith and the very basis of our beautiful America.  And then Independence Day, representing the birth of our nation and the embracing of the most valuable document ever written in the history of the world, our Constitution of the United States of America, I would place in third position, ranking in honor and importance.

I am deeply grieved in my spirit when I witness disrespect of any of these most important holidays.  Unfortunately our nation is at a crossroads today which can only be blamed on education, or rather lack of education.  Only my generation can remember the days when the Golden Rule was the standard.  Our children were not in fear going to the school.  The worst threat in the classroom was being hit by a paper wad spitball.  Question:  What changed?  Our governing representatives in Washington, DC took prayer out of school.  Question:  Who is to blame?  We, the People.

We, the People sat back and allowed our representatives to do this.  Now our children are being killed in the classrooms.  And our children are being taught inaccurate, untruthful history.  They are being indoctrinated to hate other children of different races, different beliefs or opinions.  They are even being taught to rebel against God in their gender identity.

Question:  Who can change this?  Is there hope for our upcoming generation of children?  There is – but only if our current generation of We, the People will stand up united as one, put on our big girl panties/our big boy pants, go to the poles to vote and demand that our representatives in Washington stand up for our freedoms, for truth, for Christian values, morality and life.  We can “fire” – put those permanently out of office who are on a determined path to destroy our future.  We do that at the voting booth.

Do you value our Christian heritage?  Do you honor Christmas and Easter?  Do you respect and recognize those in the past, some our own family members who paid the ultimate price for our freedom today?  Then let me challenge and encourage you to join me.  We, the People are the majority, we can do this, we can invoke the help of our Father to enable us to pass on to our children the free America we were given by those who went before us.  God bless you, God bless this July 4th Independence Day, our precious children and God Bless America.

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