Papa Vince, A Taste of Sicily in Gulf Shores

By Esther Milne

Papa Vince, based in Gulf Shores, AL. is a celebration of all things Sicilian. At the heart of this small business is a desire to bring back traditional Italian family values of love, food and spending time together around the table making memories.
Since 2012 owners Stefano and Vitina Feo have been partnering with Italian family members to bring a selection of Sicilian gourmet foods to the US. market. From their signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil to artisan crafted pastas and sauce, vinegar and even whole bean coffee, every product promises to deliver the delicious flavors of Italy combined with nature’s own nutrition.
The story of Papa Vince begins in Sicily in 1935 when a young apprentice name Vince started to learn the art of olive oil production while working at the estate of a noble family. He learned that the quality of the olive oil depended on the care given to the trees and the soil in the olive grove. Not all olive oil was created equal and Papa Vince wanted to take this ‘liquid gold’ and make it available to everyone, not just the wealthy.
The Feos caught the dream and worked hard at local and national festivals offering free samples to everyone who visited their booth. Gaining loyal clients who were giving 5 Star reviews, the Feos next branched out on Amazon to gain a bigger share of the market. It is not a task for the faint of heart, to sell clean crafted products next to those that are produced by the commercial giants.
Papa Vince seeks out the discerning consumer who is looking for foods produced without artificial additives, flavorings, chemicals or enhancers, which will boost instead of harm your health. There have been many testimonials from clients who have seen improvements in their health since consuming the Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a regular basis.
To find out more, check out the website at: where you’ll find the complete catalog of products along with a variety of recipes based around the Mediterranean diet.
You can visit the Papa Vince store front at: 3757 Gulf Shores Park Way in Gulf Shores or contact Vitina at: 251-269-6000, she would love to hear from you.

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