Life after retirement and COVID-19

By Esther Milne

Sinésio Dutra Veiga is from Brazil and still lives in his birthplace of Rio de Janeiro. As a young man he graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a degree in Accounting and then worked in this profession for almost 40 years. Just recently he entered into retirement and instead of looking at numbers all day, he has dedicated himself to the Arts. He has been exploring his creative talents by learning to play piano, singing in choirs and also learning how to draw.
Before the Coronavirus pandemic Sinésio studied painting on canvas at the Brazilian Society of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro. Once the country went into lockdown he switched to online classes but it wasn’t long until he contracted the coronavirus and was forced to stop all his creative activities. His case was so severe that he was hospitalized for the entire month of March and intubated for 5 days. After being so sick with COVID-19, he says that his recovery can only be explained by a miracle. Sinésio has been able to go back to drawing and currently he loves drawing faces from photographs. Every day he thanks God for his health and for all the blessings that he receives from being involved in the Arts.


Sinésio Dutra Veiga
Sinésio Dutra Veiga
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