Supreme Court Link - Our Worst Fear

by Jeff Sutherland

Uniquely an opinion has leaked from our Supreme Court, written by Justice Samuel Alito that says it is wrong for the courts to make a national law which should be a state rights issue, according to reports from Politico. The thought of overturning Roe v Wade after 49 years instantly had protestors surround the Supreme Court. Congress members  Warren, Schiff, Pelosi, Vice President Harris, President Biden and more saying our country would go back into the dark ages, slavery, cannibalism, adding it would be the end of democracy. Tom Malinowski, D-NJ said congress must pass a law to make sure the radical right court does not get its way. If necessary, they must abolish the filibuster, pack the courts. Protestors and news media added that “we must do whatever necessary to make sure we keep our constitutional rights to abortion, even if we have to burn the court down.”

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood would be so proud. Her purpose was to get rid of as many Black people as possible. In an interview this week, Candace Owens said that of the 65,000,000 babies killed by abortion since 1973, nearly one-third (30+%)have been black. Black people make up about 14% of Americans

President Biden said that the biggest threat this country has today is the 75,000,000 Make America Great Again voters. Trump voters are the worst terrorists in the history of our country since they are trying to destroy democracy. Here is a brief list of the terrorist threats that occurred during Trump’s presidency. Energy independence, lowest unemployment rates for all minorities and women, more secure border, peace through strength, support of police, freer speech for both sides, safer cities, family values.

In his book, Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote that anyone who disagrees with his far-left views must be isolated, marginalized, punished, deplatformed, and shut up by any means necessary.

When told that the addresses of the conservative justices have been put out publicly so that protests could occur, President Biden agreed. US Code Title 18 Sec. 1507 says it is illegal to try to pressure judges or congress to change their mind by intimidation.

Protestors around the country, most media and many of our political leaders agree that ‘we cannot go back.’ We have a right to kill our babies anytime for any reason, no matter what the law says. We must be able to do what we want.

Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, plans are in place to storm churches, form large loud crowds during services to get their points across. Next Saturday, huge protests are planned and fund raising to keep democracy from being destroyed. Yet, if Roe is overturned, the truth is each state will have to decide where to draw the line. Each person in each state could vote for their choice. That has not been allowed on this issue since 1973.

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