Supreme Court Nominee


By Nancy Kilpatrick

A most weighty decision in our government is a Supreme Court Judge appointment which is a life-time position. A judge appointed now would impact our children and grandchildren.

Judge Stephen Breyer has resigned and will be leaving office at the close of this term.

Appointed by Pres. Bill Clinton in 1994, he is currently 83 years old, a democrat who has a voting record between moderate and liberal. The Democratic Party will insist on replacing him with the most liberal judge they can, and Pres. Biden made a promise that he would put a black female in Supreme Court if he got the opportunity. He is determined to do just that; and pressured by his party to keep his promise. What does this mean?

Simply put, it means there are scores of accredited judges, qualified but not considered, of other ethnic backgrounds which will be a travesty. You can be certain the one chosen will be young, which could also mean not well equipped for such a position putting her in office until your grandchildren are grandparents. I know you can see why this appointment is such an important one and needs the right person in that Judges’ chair.

Lawsuits at the Supreme Court level are supposed to be determined by the standards of our Constitution which is our National Standard by which all our laws are based. However, in the past years there have been lawsuits determined by judges who take the position that our Constitution is a “living document” which means it changes meaning as the culture in our country changes. Therefore, we now have legalized abortion, same sex marriages, and other decisions determined on this basis.

I am hearing that while our Vice Pres. Kamala Harris can break the tie in Congress on bills passed and other business, she is not authorized to break a tie in the appointment of a judge so keep an eye on that in the news.

Our nation is in serious trouble, we must stand firm on our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers got it right, based on Biblical principles. We must restore those principles to keep our nation safe for our children and grandchildren. Keep this Supreme Court Nomination in your prayers.

Supreme Court Nominee

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