Women's Care Medical Center Annual Walk for Life

By Donna Marable

Did you know every 35 seconds, a baby’s heart stops beating in the U.S? Every 35 seconds and an unborn baby is taken from the womb. Every 35 seconds and a woman endures the traumatic experience of abortion. Every 35 seconds and a father loses the opportunity to look into the face of his child. What if we could change the next 35 seconds?

Women’s Care Medical Center in Baldwin County, Alabama has been fighting for the rights to life since 1990. They seek to empower every man and woman who walks through their doors with life-affirming options because all people, born and unborn, inside the womb and out, deserve value, respect and dignity. It is for this reason, WCMC not only seeks to save the life of the child in the womb, but they share the eternal hope of salvation through Jesus Christ with every client.

You, too, can be part of this incredible mission field. Every year WCMC hosts an annual Walk for life. This year the Walk is March 26th, and again 6 locations throughout the County make it easy to participate in the 2-mile walk. WCMC totally takes care of monetary collections from the walker’s individual sponsors. Why not consider giving support to this annual event and involve friends and entire families in a great life-giving cause? Much more information about Women’s Care Medical Center and the Walk for Life is available on their website, https://friendsofwcmc.org/. WCMC thanks you for standing with them for the rights of ALL human life.

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