Imprints of God

October 23, 2022

By LeeAnn Witzigman

When Kara was a few months old, she was dedicated at church and the pastors declared a prophetic word over her life. It was several lines long and overflowing with the treasures of Heaven that were releasing and sealing her identity. We have seen many of these words of God’s truth come to pass, but one of them recently showed up in a very special way.

It was spoken over her that she would have the roar of a Lioness and we have been faithful to remind her of this for many years. Then, one night, after her shower she was putting on lotion, and decided to leave a handprint on the mirror instead of moisturizing her skin. I left it there for a few days, because her creativity always makes me smile, despite the mess. But when I glanced at it from a certain angle inside the bathroom, I noticed something. I squinted a bit thinking I must be seeing things, but there it was, right on the center of her palm print. A roaring Lion. An unmistakable mark of the Lion of Judah. A holy confirmation that she is who God says she is. And a physical witness that her identity and divine DNA testify of Jesus Christ Himself.

When I hold her hand, I know I am touching the Lion and the Lamb. I love knowing that she has a physical fingerprint and also a sacred handprint from the Lord. What a beautiful Father to imprint His truth upon the hands of our children. And what a gracious Dad to place His face on the palms of our lives. I believe our faith revealed this hidden glory in Kara when we partnered with the word spoken over her and believed with all of our hearts that what God said about her was true and right and so very good. This is only a glimpse of all the ways that He is marking us and setting us apart to unveil who He is to the unbelieving world around us. May we be sons and daughters who search to find the revelations of His identity that He’s beautifully bestowed upon all of His glorious creation.

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